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Bexar County Probate Lawyer

Bexar County Estate Planning

If you’re a resident, you need a Texas Estate Planning Attorney. Taylor & Lopez of Taylor & Lopez Law Firm can help you plan and secure your estate. No matter how young or old you are, you should be thinking of your assets and your loved ones. Particularly, you should bear in mind how they will deal with your passing. Undoubtedly, the experience will cause a lot of sadness, pain, and grief. Even if you departed peacefully, your loved ones will miss your presence dearly. With all that weighing on their hearts, it’s a kind gesture to make the transition process as easy on them as possible. That’s just one of the many reasons to plan your estate beforehand.

Why It’s Important

As mentioned above, having your estate planned out before your passing makes things easier for those loved ones still on Earth. They’ll be more informed about your true wishes. Furthermore, you can rest assured that those wishes will be honored. A will is not a “suggestion,” it is a binding document. A will is your last opportunity to lay out your desires, and have them actually go into effect.

If you’re near the San Antonio area, you have the opportunity to work side by side with our attorneys. This has quite a few benefits. For one, you can introduce your family to your estate planning attorney. If your assets have to go through probate court, your loved one will know that they’ve got someone on their side. They don’t have to scramble to find an attorney to represent your interests. Instead, they can just call the Bexar County probate attorney who helps you plan your estate in the first place!

Probate court can be a long and draining process. Hiring a competent attorney can speed up the process. For one, you won’t waste time having to scrutinize the legitimacy of the document. Your will, and other matters of your estate, will surely hold up in court. On top of that, our skilled attorney will help shorten the process as much as possible. Some of your assets may be able to stay out of probate court entirely.

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